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Welcome to Comicazie!

I’m Tarik but people just call me T.k (actually they don’t…but I wish they did) I’m 18 from the UK and putting together this blog was just a spontaneous idea that ran through my head…sort of.

On here you’ll come across comic-book/manga reviews, unboxing videos and other types of media to help you make confident decisions before you decide to purchase. It’s nothing special, just a simple blog to help you become more informed about comics.

Quick note, check out my mate Harry’s website Tech51 for awesome tech reviews!

Blog Origin Story

In short: As I said, it was a spontaneous idea that ran through my head; I’m a pretty random guy.

Slightly longer: I read comic books every now and again, though for some reason whenever I mention that to someone they tend to look at me funny. But this doesn’t come as any surprise since that old stigma is still attached to them (comics = Children’s books). It seems as if people in today’s society have no idea how diverse comics have become and how entertaining they can be. So I guess you could say changing the general perception helped spark the idea.

Why Add Video?

When I’m browsing the web, sometimes I just want to find out about a certain item quickly, I don’t really give myself the patience to read paragraphs and paragraphs of information, it’s pretty tedious and stressful at times.

However, its way more efficient for me to click on a video than it is to read a page of text. Sometimes people want fast and easy information and video seems to be the best solution for that. But I do enjoy reading and I know many other people do to, so on here you get the best of both worlds.

Where do you get your Comics?

I tend to order most of them from Amazon; they don’t cost the earth so it’s just a habit for me to buy 1 or 2 a month. But I do occasionally borrow some from the library if I can…even though graphic novels aren’t really their specialty. You can always request a comic-book/Manga you would like for me to review, I’ll read anything (almost). Just contact me here and I’ll get back to you.

Why are those Amazon links scattered everywhere?

If you buy an item through those links then I get a small commission which will go towards comic books (so I can review more) and give-aways.  But if you can think of something slightly more interesting then message me here, I’m all ears.

What is Parka Blogs?

It’s an awesome website that inspired me to create my own, (so maybe… it wasn’t much of a spontaneous idea after all).  Parka reviews art books on his blog and he has this-simple-and -straight-the-point fashion which I find pretty cool. If you do a comparison you’ll probably see that the two blogs are slightly similar.

Supporting the website

Just like Parka Blogs, here are similar ways you can support Comicazie:

  1. Link to Comicazie through your website or even via a comment. Something as simple as this really does help a lot.
  2. Purchase your stuff via the Amazon links on the Blog, there isn’t any additional cost I assure you.
  3. And if you ever have the time, simply Like the Fan Page on Facebook

Anyway, I hope this blog is useful to you in one way or another.



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